Answering Questions About Garage Door Spring Problems And Repairs

An automatic garage door opener is a highly sophisticated machine that must be able to lift the heavy weight of the garage door. To help with this task, these openers will utilize a torsion spring. Unfortunately, it is possible for this spring to suffer from some malfunctions and problems. When this occurs, you might want to learn the answers to a couple of fairly common questions about this part of your garage door system.

Are There Any Warning Signs That Your Garage Door Spring Is Beginning To Experience Problems?

Issues with garage door springs will usually start out as seemingly minor problems. For example, it can be common for this problem to first manifest as the garage door making strange sounds, vibrating, or slamming to the ground. You can expect these problems to worsen until the spring is repaired or replaced. Eventually, it may be possible for the damaged spring to completely snap. When this occurs, small pieces of metal debris can be sent into the motor of the garage door, and this has the potential to cause extensive damages that may force you to completely replace the garage door opener.

What Makes Repairing Garage Door Springs Dangerous?

Sadly, there are some homeowners that may not be aware that working on a garage door spring is dangerous. The spring is under a tremendous amount of stress. If the spring were to snap or otherwise come loose while you are working on it, you could inadvertently cause serious injuries to yourself. This is particularly true if the spring were to snap, sending extremely sharp metal fragments through the air at great speed.

In addition to the physical risks of attempting to repair your garage door spring, there are also mechanical risks. If this spring is not perfectly positioned and balanced when it is installed, it is more likely to fail. By having this work done by a trained professional, you can help ensure that your new spring is correctly installed.

Garage door springs are essential for allowing the opener to raise and lower the heavy door. Unfortunately, it is common for homeowners to have a fairly limited understanding about this particular part of their garage door. By appreciating the warning signs that your door is starting to encounter these problems as well as the dangers of attempting to repair a malfunctioning garage door spring, you will be better prepared to address these problems when they arise.