Hire A Contractor To Fix These Garage Door Opener-Related Problems

Equipping your traditional garage door with an opener will prevent you from straining your arm and back muscles when raising and lowering the door, as well as making your life easier when you pull into the driveway at night and are able to open the door with the touch of a button. It's important to hire the right garage door contractor for the installation job to ensure that the work will be done correctly, but you could still run into issues in the future that require the help of a professional. While you'll be able to successfully replace the batteries in your remote opener when needed, there are other jobs for which it's best to call your contractor.

Misalignment Of Sensors

Over time, the door's safety sensors can become misaligned if you kick them inadvertently or drop something on one of them when you're working in the garage. The sensors need to be aimed directly at one another to function correctly. When they're misaligned, they won't do their job in stopping the door from closing when something is in the way, but the door might fail to work altogether. Your garage door contractor will be able to tell if either of the sensors is broken and ensure that everything is once again in proper working order.

Door Stops Before It Reaches The Ground

When you're watching the garage door close after you've pressed the button, you might be concerned to see that the bottom edge of the door stops slightly before it makes contact with the ground. The door should fit firmly on the floor of the garage, and if there's a small gap between the door and the floor, something isn't right. Your garage door contractor will be able to make fine-tuned adjustments to the settings on the opener unit to ensure that the door closes as it should.

You Need To Be Extremely Close To Open The Door Remotely

If you find that you're having trouble opening the garage door with the remote in your vehicle until you're immediately in front of the door, it's a sign of an antenna problem on the opener unit. The antenna could either be defective or perhaps it was damaged inadvertently over time. In either case, make sure that your remote's batteries are working properly, and then call your contractor. He can remove the old antenna and correctly mount the new one so that you'll be able to open the door from farther away.

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