Garage Doors And Children: Important Safety Tips

An automatic garage door is a real convenience, especially when you are pulling in your car at night or during inclement weather. It can also be a safety concern, especially if you have young children. The following tips can help you maintain the safety of your garage door while still enjoying the convenience.

Tip #1: Mind the eye

All modern garage doors have a sensor eye at the bottom of the tracks. This eye deactivates the garage door so it reopens if it senses an object or obstruction in the line of the sensor. Test the sensor monthly to ensure it is properly aligned and working correctly. To do this, place a block of wood in the path of the garage door and then try to close it. The door should begin to close and then reverse immediately. If it doesn't, realign the sensor until it works properly.

Tip #2: Consider button height

The garage door controls should not be easily accessible by young children. Not only does this mean that the remote opener should be kept in a safe, out of reach area in the home, but that the wall-mounted opener button should also be out of reach. Install the button at least five feet above the floor so it can't easily be reached by a child. Also, make sure there are no chairs or other objects kept near the button that a child could use in an attempt to use it.

Tip #3: Keep the track clear

Items in the track could be damaged or they may cause the garage door to malfunction in an unsafe manner. Teach the kids not to lean toys or sporting equipment into the track and to always make sure all items are stored back and away from the tracks so they don't slip or fall into harm's way.

Tip #4: Teach garage door safety

Although it's important to take steps to avoid safety issues, it's also important that the children understand how to conduct themselves in a safe manner around a garage door. Make sure that the kids know not to try and duck under a moving door – they should always wait for it to open fully or request that it be stopped if the door is closing.

Tip #5: Schedule annual maintenance

Regular maintenance is also important to ensure the door works properly and safely – you don't want a spring to break and injure someone in the garage. Maintenance should include cleaning and lubricating the tracks and rollers, inspecting and replacing garage door pulleys and springs, and inspecting and lubricating the motor of the opener.

Contact a garage door technician in your area, such as those found at Aladdin Doors of Raleigh, for more help.