Common Garage Door Problems, And How To Fix Them

An erratic of broken garage door can be frustrating, and it can potentially open up your belongings to theft if the door won't stay shut reliably. Here are some steps to troubleshoot common garage door problems. 

The Door Closes Part Way Before Opening Again

If your door begins to close and then opens back up, the first thing to check is the close limit settings on your door. This tells the door how deep the track is, and if the setting is too high, the door may think that the ground is an obstacle and open back up. 

Another potential problem, though, is the integrity of your track. It could be that your track has a lot of debris on it and the door encountered too much resistance on its way down. A gentle abrasion with soap and water can help you to clear scum out of the track while graphite powder can help you to lubricate the track and pulleys. The problem may also have to do with dents on the track. You can purchase a soft mallet to hammer out any small dents in the track for a smoother flow. 

The problem may also lie with the track's alignment. Subtle movements of the track over time can cause one row of the track to move too far out of alignment so that the door can no longer complete its full movement. This is a problem that's best left for a professional since they will need to potentially take the track down to refasten it. 

Your Door Closes and Opens at Random Intervals

If you find that your garage door closes at random times without your control, there are a couple of things to check. It could be that your transmitter's button is being pressed on its own if the remote's button is jammed or your transmitter is under another object. Another possibility is that your remote has a similar garage door system that's on the same frequency— in that case, they could be opening your garage door along with their own if the transmitters are close enough together. Other than that, your transmitter may have some faulty programming, so check with your garage door repair center to get a replacement garage door opener. 

While there are many things that can make your garage door go haywire, many of them are simple enough to fix on your own. If you have troubleshot your problem and can't find a simple fix, then call your garage door repair person (such as one from Overhead Door of NKY) for advice or to come replace the components that are broken.