Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Garage Door Running Properly

Your garage door is probably something you take for granted. You hit a button and the garage door opens without a problem. Until that one day you hit the button and it doesn't go up--then what? What about if you hit the button and only half of it goes up? To prevent these and other problems from happening to you, follow the maintenance tips below.


Be sure to clean the tracks on your garage door, as well as the rollers. The tracks and rollers can get clogged with dirt and grime, making the garage door shake, rattle and make quite a bit of noise. All that dirt and grime can also prevent your door from opening. Clean up the tracks and rollers using warm, soapy water and a rag. Remove as much dirt and grime as possible with your rag. When finished, use a garage door lubricant that is silicone based to spray the rollers, in addition to the cables, chain, pulleys and hinges. If you spray the track, simply wipe up any of the lubricant from the track, as this may cause your garage door to slip.

Tighten Bolts/Hinges

Go around your garage door and tighten all of the bolts on the hinges, as well as the roller hinges. Also tighten the track brackets along the wall.

Inspect Wall Tracks

After you tighten the track brackets, inspect the tracks that run along the wall. Look for any dings or dents that can cause your garage door to not go up properly. Use a rubber mallet to carefully pound out any dents or dings, or to straighten out these tracks. Spray brake cleaner on these tracks to get rid of any dust or dirt. Use a level to ensure these tracks are level on both sides. They should both be perfectly level.

Look At The Springs

The springs are the most dangerous part of your garage door. If you see an issue with the springs, such as a frayed cable line or a broken spring, be sure to contact a garage door repair company to have your springs or cables replaced professionally. 

Maintenance on your garage door is essential in keeping your garage door running properly. If you notice any issues with your garage door and you do not feel comfortable performing the repairs yourself, contact a professional garage door repair company to have these repairs done for you.