Winterize Your Garage Door Today

With winter fast approaching, you need to winterize your garage door now. By winterizing your garage door, you will protect it from winter elements and you will also help keep your garage from being a frozen ice-box all winter long.  Inspect The Weather Strips Around Your Garage Door The first thing you need to do is inspect the weather strip around your garage door. Weather strips are not made to last forever; over time they degrade and get worn out, which is why you need to inspect your weather strip before winter really hits. [Read More]

Commercial Garage Doors: Should You Choose Steel or Aluminum?

When it comes to commercial garage doors, steel and aluminum are usually two of the most popular garage door materials. These materials are strong, don't rust easily, and can provide adequate security for your commercial building. Here are some benefits of each type of garage door so you can decide which one is best for you. Steel is More Durable If you are looking for a strong, durable garage door that isn't easy to break into, then steel is the best option because it is extremely durable and will last a long time. [Read More]

Repairing A Small Hole In Your Wooden Garage Door

If you accidentally bumped your garage door with your vehicle when you came to a stop, causing the wood to splinter or push in, it needs to be repaired to work properly. If the damage is minimal, you may be able to do the repairs on your own. Here is some guidance to help you fix a wooden garage door yourself. Materials You Will Need Bucket of soapy water Non-abrasive sponge or clean cloth Needle nose pliers or tweezers Epoxy wood filler Screwdriver or butter knife Sander Medium and fine-grit sandpaper Level Paint Paintbrush Check The Damage [Read More]

What You Should Know About Wooden Garage Doors

If you are currently deciding on the type of garage door material you want and are considering wood, there are some things to know about it first. Here are the most important things to think about when it comes to wooden garage doors. Wooden Doors Are Heavy First of all, you should be aware that real wood garage doors are going to be heavy. They are best for automatic garage doors, since manual doors you lift yourself can get tiring after a while. [Read More]