Repairing Common Garage Door Problems

A garage door can be an important part of your home due to the ability of the door to make it much easier to enter and exit the garage with your vehicle. When one of these doors suffers problems, it could severely impact the functionality of the door while also reducing the accessibility and potential security of your home's garage.

Jammed Wheels Or Rollers

A series of wheels and rollers will be responsible for letting the door move up and down along the tracking. Unfortunately, these wheels can become jammed, which could cause substantial damage to the system. For example, it may be possible for the jammed wheels to contribute to the garage door opener fails. As long as the jammed wheel is repaired promptly, it may be possible to limit the risk of extensive damage occurring to the railing or the other components of the system. 

Damage To The Garage Door

The garage door itself will also be vulnerable to suffering damage or other problems. More specifically, it can be possible for the garage door's exterior to suffer damage from impacts. In addition to the risk of the vehicle accidentally striking the garage door, it can also be possible for strong storms to cause major damage to this part of the house. During this type of weather event, debris could be sent into the garage door at tremendous velocities, which could cause intense damage to it. Furthermore, straight-line winds can also be extremely damaging to the door. Replacing the entire door as a result of this damage may be a necessary step for restoring it, but localized damage may be corrected by simply replacing the compromised panels.

Faulty Locking Systems

The garage door's locking system will be essential for allowing this area of the home to be effectively secured. Unfortunately, the locking system can eventually fail, which will lead to the owner being unable to secure the garage by locking the door. Diagnosing the particular source of the locking problem will require a comprehensive assessment to be conducted. In some cases, the issue may be the result of a lack of lubrication on the lock's moving components, alignment problems, or even electrical faults with it. A professional inspection of the garage door's locks will allow for the source of the problems to be identified so that the necessary repairs can be planned and completed. In some cases, this could involve fully replacing the locking mechanism to restore your ability to secure this area of the house.

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