5 Situations You Need A Garage Door Repair Professional

Everyone loves a good do-it-yourself repair to save a buck or two. However, when it comes to your garage, sometimes a professional is best. If not handled with care and the right tools, a garage repair can be a lot more costly than you think. In fact, there are five situations where a garage repair professional is the best solution.

1. The Garage Door Almost Makes Your Car a Convertible

If your garage door almost takes the top of your car off, call a professional. Okay, so that may be a little dramatic. However, if your garage door is closing too quickly, it could be a sign that a spring is broken, or there is an issue with the tension cables. Those two replacements parts can be dangerous and difficult to replace and should be repaired by someone who knows what they are doing.

2. The Garage Door Won't Go Up

There is nothing more annoying when you have a carload of groceries, and your garage door won't open. Those doors are heavy, and that means those darn springs can be broken. Although it sounds like a simple fix, it's not.

3. The Garage Door Becomes Magical

If the door starts to open and close by itself, it may be magic or an issue with the transmitters. Check for obvious signs of transmitter trouble. There is a real possibility you and your neighbor are giving off the same frequency.

4. The Door Got Off Track

The garage door is very heavy and can cause gaps or bent rails. Damage to the track can be a serious problem, and it's important to contact someone immediately to fix it.

5. You Thought the Garage Door Was a Drive-Thru

It happens all the time. You were in a hurry, weren't paying attention, and ran into the garage door. Now there is a dent in your door, and it won't open. This is a sign that you most likely damaged the door and will need a replacement. Never mind the scratch on your car, you can always drive somewhere to get a little paint job.

There are plenty of other reasons that make calling a pro to repair your garage the best option. However, these five top the list. Garage repairs can be tricky and expensive. If you decide to try to fix it yourself, it could bring bigger, more costly issues. Save yourself the headache and let the professionals handle it.

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